I really don’t care where big ideas come from. Aside from legal copyright infringement, who the hell cares? For me, it’s all about the ability to solve the problem in a remarkable way. I rarely write inspirations down in a personal sketchbook, although I often think I should. But if something colossal strikes me, I’ll type it into my Notes on my iPhone. I’m mostly interested in creativity as ideas rather than as craft or discipline.

Creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we’d forever repeat the same patterns.

– Edward de Bono

New ideas often come to me when I’m doing things such as taking showers or hitting the treadmill. Big new ideas often occur when you park a problem to be solved in your brain and then stop actively trying to solve it. When you engage in a mindless activity such as running, your brain is still processing between hemispheres, making connections that would not happen while you’re sitting at a desk concentrating.

Time for a different approach

Harnessing creativity for business results constantly deals with the transformation of shapes, content and points of view. The essence of our modus operandi is about assembling all of this together and transposing it into strategic creative solutions that are relevant to your target audience. Creativity in our post-modern age needs to have a more informed point of view. Your brand cannot be visual fluff – it must move you or leave you with something to think about.

  • When your conscience is flexible, your outlook will be weak
  • Take a stand on important, worthy issues
  • Read books that can change your outlook on things
  • Watch movies that move you, listen to music that inspires

There’s so much professionally done and well-executed work around that’s devoid of substance. Just wallpaper. Want to have a meaningful, unforgettable, long-term impact on your audience? Then the goal of your brand should be to touch the heart of the viewer.