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Client Various
Category Design
Time Frame Two weeks
Location Global

Brand identity is how your organisation is perceived by your target audience. It’s the message your customers receive from your brand. Having the right message is important for brand consistency. Whether you’re a start-up looking for a logo and identity system from scratch, or refreshing a household name, branding is a speciality and something we’re passionate about. It’s our business to know yours.


A strong visual identity added tremendous value to all these brands and their equity. It has become one of their strongest assets. The success of each brand is testament to proper identity development and a consistent, supportive advertising presence. A brand personality created a bond between brand and customer, helped establish staying power, and ultimately set the stage for all future customer interactions.

Establishing and maintaining a respected corporate identity is rewarded with corresponding positive effects on your overall company image and corporate reputation. Consistency is key to your brand’s success.