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Client Tecno Mobile
Category Advertising
Time Frame Monthly
Location South Africa, Korea

A social media strategy bolstered by social media advertising greatly increased Tecno’s brand recognition as we engaged with a broad target audience in two countries. Vibrant social content was important for the brand to have a distinctive online presence. The advertising was bold, energetic and drew new audiences. Creating a voice for Tecno through these platforms was also important in humanising the company.


The social media advertising campaigns were a key element for success and generated immense exposure which resulted in boosted sales. It was the most cost-efficient part of Tecno’s advertising strategy with the best return on investment. Increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates, better SEO and improved brand loyalty were natural by-products from the high standard of creative output and quality of our advertising.

Carefully crafted social content helped standardise the brand’s visual presentation across all channels and set Tecno apart from the competition. Analytics also enabled us to measure our success.