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Client Naspers/Prosus
Category Digital
Time Frame 11 months
Location Global

A series of ten online videos were created for the company’s Hiring Manager Fundamentals digital training course. Assembly Area developed and produced all ten modules closely with each of the presenters through stages of scriptwriting and content development. We directed and shot 13 presenters–each residing in a different country–via Zoom, and, finished off each module with extensive animated infographics, footage and illustration.


Naspers/Prosus is serious about learning and development of their people. The company takes a holistic approach to skill building, making employees better at work everyday. It was a challenge accepted to change the way people learn, making learning not only fun but relevant too through the dynamic digital content we created. The modules were easily accessible on any device and proved hugely successful.

Great work and great results are inextricably linked. The project exhibited the value of collaboration, open-mindedness, courage and passion throughout. And in the end, we all had fun.